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Talleres SAP Business One

Tenemos a su disposición una gran cantidad de talleres para la formación por áreas en SAP Business One

Taller de Introducción a SAP B1

- Course Overview, Introductions, Goals & Objectives & Scenario
- Overview, Introduction to SAP B1
- Getting Started
- Master Data and Documents

Taller de Compras en SAP B1

– Purchasing A/P, Procurement Process
- Purchasing Items
- Issues with Goods Receipt
- Returns and A/P Credit Memos

Taller de Ventas en SAP B1

- Sales - A/R, Sales Overview
- Sales Order to Cash
- Customers and Customer Groups
- Automating the Sales Process
- Returns and Exchanges
- A/R Credit Memos

Taller de Inventario en SAP B1

- Items and Inventory, Item Master Data
- Item Groups
- Units of Measure
- Warehouses
- Goods Movements
- Valuation methods
- Serial Numbers and Batches
- Bin Locations overview

Taller de Manejo de Precios en SAP B1

- Create a Pricelist
- Updating Pricelists
- Period/Volume Discounts
- Discount Groups
- Special Prices for BPs

Taller de Producción en SAP B1

- Production Overview
- Resources
- Resource Capacity
- Bills of Materials
- Case Study Non-Production BOMs
- Production Process
- Case Study on Production Process

Taller de MRP en SAP B1

- MRP Process
- Case Study MRP

Taller de Introducción a la contabilidad en SAP B1

- Course Overview, Introductions
- Accounting Basics, Financial Basics, Automatic journal entries
- Financial Setup, Chart of Accounts Concepts
- Default G/L Accounts Overview
- Case Study
- Working With Currencies
- 07 Case Study

Taller de Herramientas contabilidad en SAP B1

- Post a manual Journal Entry
- Template and recurring JE
- Journal Voucher
- Posting Periods
- internal reconciliation
- Case Study

Taller de Bancos en SAP B1

- Banking Process, Handling Payments
- Payment wizard
- Case Study
- Bank Account Reconciliation Overview

Taller de Reportes Financieros en SAP B1

- Controlling Reports, Financial Reports
- Case Study
- Cash Flow
- Aging reports
- Dunning Letters
- Case Study

Taller de Activos Fijos en SAP B1

- Fixed Assets, Fixed Assets – Introduction, Virtual Fixed Asset
- Case Study

Taller de Contabilidad de Costos en SAP B1

- Cost Accounting , Multi Dimensions in Cost Accounting
- Case Study

Taller de Implementación de Proyectos en SAP B1

- Implementation Project
- Express Configuration Wizard
- Key and Irreversible Settings
- Opening Balances
- Quick Copy

Taller de Administración y Configuración de SAP B1

- Users and User Groups
- General Authorizations
- Data Ownership Authorizations
- Document and Master Data numbering
- UI Configuration Templates
- Print Layout Design

Taller de Herramientas de Personalización de SAP B1

- Queries
- Alerts
- Approval Processes
- User-Defined Fields
- User-Defined Values
- User-Defined Tables
- Introduction to Analytics

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